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Arizona Coalition for Healthcare Emergency Response (AzCHER)


  • Central Region / Operations = Julie Augeri ( / 602-445-4357)
  • Northern Region / Trainings & Exercises = Robin Oothoudt ( / 928-300-9743)
  • Southern Region / Planning = Kim Tham ( / 520-979-4530)
  • Western Region / Logistics = TBD (Laura Dix for time-being)
  • Administration / Member and Volunteer Support = Hillary Bryant ( / 602-445-4312)
  • Statewide / General Management = Laura Dix ( / 602-445-4318)

Each region will have its own Steering Committee that will drive local (i.e., regional) decision-making.  Steering Committees should have representation from hospitals, non-acute healthcare, EMS, emergency management, public health, and disabilities and access and functional needs at a minimum.  Regions may elect to have additional representation specific to its needs and goals. Individual activities, such as conducting the regional hazard vulnerability assessment or reviewing the region’s response plan, will occur within functional work groups at the regional level.  These work groups will have a specific deliverable to address within a specified time frame.  Work groups will be open to all members within the region.